Best of Music Grid!

Best Of Music Grid

Following are some of the best compositions that I came across (mostly taken from here ). If you have one to share, post the link in comments (You might need a GitHub account!)

The story

Few days ago, I made a simple Music Grid taking inspiration from a widget inside a stress reliever app called AntiStress. It was a joyful experience building it with Svelte and Tone.js.

I shared it with some friends and they seemed to like it. So one of my friends suggested me to post it on HackerNews which I did and it died with getting around like 7 upvotes. So I went to sleep and next morning I woke up and saw a sudden raise in stars on my GitHub repo!

Apparently, someone else had posted it (Thanks Abhai) and that post got to the front page of HN within hours!

It was fun to see a lot of people enjoying making music in a silly music grid and sharing it with the world, so I decided to collect the best submissions here in this page!