Engineering Wisdom

I’ve had a lot of Higher Secondary graduates coming up and asking me…

Why should I take Computer Science when I can take any other branch and learn coding parallely?, I’ve heard CSE is too easy anyway.

Should you take any engineering stream and learn programming on the side?

First of all, that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. Sorry to disappoint you; but Computer Science != Programming. It’s a lot more than that. Programming is to computer science like masonry is to Civil Engineering (or Wiring is to Electrical Engineering). If you really want to build a career in software industry, take CSE. and study it well. Otherwise, your plan is going to fail.

So you’re planning to take CSE?

Thinking it will guarantee you a job no matter what? Sorry to disappoint you too; again, Computer Science != Programming.

Programming is a necessary skill you need to learn and master on your own. Having a degree for namesake would not take you anywhere.

So my advice to all you freshmen will be to learn new stuff on your own, work on your ideas and build cool stuff, learn algorithms and data structures to the core. Simply, Stand out from the rest.

And finally, If you have the potential, talent and moreover the will to follow your passion, that’s pretty much enough than a useless degree you hold. Just internet alone can teach you more stuff than your college ever will.

But that’s not a reason to skip going to college. It provides you with -

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