Experimenting with Svelte - A Journal

It’s a good bright sunday, I had a nice lunch, took a short nap and now back infront of the laptop - bored and thinking of doing something productive.

That’s when I remembered Svelte; the super awesome brand new web frontend framework with the tagline Cybernetically enhanced web apps.

I wanted to check it out and see what all the fuss is about. I decided to blog about the experience in a live fashion and I will be writing this as I go.

Will I find it amazing? or will I hate it?, Will I even get time to try it out properly and actually complete this journal?, let’s find out!

Hour 0 - I don’t know Svelte at all.

I opened https://svelte.dev, And the main selling points were

Enough talk, let’s dive into some Hello World!.

Starting with an empty Svelte project was way easier than I imagined. I started with the sveltejs/template and used degit for project scaffolding as recommended.

npx degit sveltejs/template project-name
cd project-name

And then install and run using

npm install
npm run dev

Phew, that just went good!

Svelte Is Ready Terminal

Svelte Hello World

I like it when things just work without having to go on stackoverflow treasure hunt to fix things.

Time to learn something solid: https://svelte.dev/tutorial/basics

I learned a bit more, but writing it all out here will be boring for me and anyone who is reading this. So I recommend you to try it out yourself.

Hour 1 - I still don’t know much of Svelte, but I will. This is cool!